2018 Show Dates

February 9 - 10 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret

March 30 - 31 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret

May  4 -  5 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret

June 15 - 16 Gabby's Country Cabaret

June 21 - 23  ~ Boomtown Casino Fort McMurray AB

July 7 ~ Private Event Penticton BC

July 20 - 21 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret

August 11 ~ Private Event Maple Ridge BC

August 31 - September 1 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret

September 15 ~ Delta Harvest Fest

September 28 - 29 Gabbys Country Cabaret

October 13 ~ Ridge Meadows Hospital Gala

November 2 - 3 Gabbys Country Caberet

December 7 - 8 ~ Gabbys Country Cabaret 

"Backed by Vancouver’s Joe Fernandes Band with guest keyboardist Teddy “Zig Zag” Andreadis (Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper and others), the music was hot and enjoyable on its own, so the addition of Nick and Sophie put the show over the top. The capacity crowds (for all four shows) were enthusiastic and welcoming to the Tweed-Simmons siblings, who were also filming parts of the shows for the next season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Gene was also close by during all four shows and looked as proud as a peacock. For the most part, the fans spent more time getting into the music and cheering for Nick and Sophie than they did oogling Gene – and after nearly 40 years of KISS – that in itself is an accomplishment." 
Dan Savoie - RockStar Magazine,


"Joe Fernandes just gets "it". In a club or at a corporate event, this band understands their roll as host's of the party. During our most recent event at The District of Maple Ridge it was Joe's band that kick started an infusion of energy and had 5000 people singing and dancing along. Easy to work with, great attitudes and great songs, I would not hesitate to proclaim them as honorary house band for the District of Maple Ridge." -- Clint van Blanken, District of Maple Ridge, VANOC 2010 Torch Relay